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08 May '15

Bridesmaid and the Beach

Bridesmaid dress color trends have been all over the map, but when it comes to your special day, no matter where the nuptials are taking place, you may want to consider beachy colors for the ladies in your wedding party.

Coral is fresh and fabulous, a more temperate color than traditional red, and more universally flattering. It's a particularly great shade for a spring or summer ceremony, and yes, would synthesize perfectly with one on the beach. However, it also functions as a pleasant color indoors, that will harmonize with any kind of greenery you may be using in your decorations. With the ability to have practically all skin tones glowing, coral adds a warmth that is perfect for your heartfelt day.

Polar opposites on a color wheel, coral and turquoise are considered complementary colors. Using the two together in your wedding is actually a viable option when committing to a seaside-inspired theme.

Looking at turquoise independently, however, we find a hue at once bright and tranquil. It makes quite an impression on its own, in a high-shine material that ripples and shimmers in multiple facets like the ocean, or in a matte fabric that emphasizes the understated elegance of the color.

Bridesmaid dresses can often become that one aspect of a wedding that gets your gal pals talking for all the wrong reasons. Although avoiding this has much to do with choosing the right style and fabric, incorporating color with care is as crucial here as it is for every other part of your ceremony and reception. Coral or turquoise, with their spectrum of flattering shades and agreeable vibe might prove to be the right choice for the big day- whether on the beach or in a ballroom.