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07 May '15

Basking in Red

Dresses have a way of bringing formality to events. In the case of the classic red evening dress, this article of clothing has a way of catching the eye and securing attentions of everyone who sees it. Red is an eye-popping color. It lures the gaze and captures with its intensity. Adding it to a long gown ensures that the wearer has acquired fame for a night.

Bearing the red dress for an evening was a popular trend in the 70's. Termed "power clothing", these gowns were frequently worn by working women who were eager for the respect and acceptance from their male counterparts. They made statements as to the fearlessness of women and showed just how clothing could be used to reflect the personality and characteristics of a person.

Not only is red such a mesmerizing color but there are so many shades that it can be teased into. Perhaps a lush, wine red is suited for an opera or dinner party while a vibrant, cherry red can be used to garner attention while out for the night with friends. The color is a classic for a reason, whether it is used for snatching the wandering eye or for sensuality and empowerment. Neither time nor style is likely to affect its use as well as its declarative power.