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20 May '15

Grape Bridesmaid Dresses

Grape bridesmaid dresses are becoming more popular than ever. While grapes come in a number of colors, the color grape is usually a deep purple not much different than a royal purple. This color stands out in pictures and is comfortable shade for most males to wear as well.

Since grape is a darker shade, most dresses in this shade are body shaping and formed dresses. Accessories such as lace and bead work don't stand out well with this shade. So, the dress itself needs to be the center of attention when wearing this shade.

Grape hues look wonderful in off-shoulder designs, special bodice looks, unique waist belts and flowing skirts. The color grape blends artfully with metal based accessories and colors. Choices like silver, platinum, and rose gold look great with these dresses. Plus, there are an abundance of natural colored flowers that look great with this color including roses, gladiolas, daisies, carnations and many more. Every hue of the pink and purple color wheel can be used for flowers. Plus, white and yellow flowers stand out perfectly against the dark background of grape.

Grape has been dedicated in the past to fall and winter weddings when darker colors seem to take over due to the colder seasons. However, grape dresses are now available for every season. Grape seems to be replacing black as a color used to add texture and depth to wedding palates.

Designers to consider for your grape bridesmaid dresses include Vera Wang, J. Crew, David's Bridal, Donna Morgan and the collections at Weddington Way. For more modest priced dresses, retailers such as Target and Kohl's have a good choice of bridesmaids dresses.

Grape dresses can also be a good choice for mother of the bride dresses since purple with blend with many shades in wedding photographs. Grape is also an color that has many options for favors with ribbons, candies, bottles being available to blend with this shade.

Clearly, choosing grape bridesmaid dresses can open your wedding up to brightness and color.