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10 May '15

Shop Bridesmaid Dresses by Wedding Color at WishesDresses.com

Posted by Avens S in mint bridesmaid dress for weddings

Any bride-to-be knows how stressful wedding planning can be, especially when dealing with shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses. Each bridesmaid wants the right color, size, and styled dress, and every bride just wants her day to be as wonderful as possible. So how are you going to please everyone and still love your wedding? Shop a wide variety of bridesmaid dresses at WishesDresses.com, and shop by color to find the perfect color to match your wedding.

WishesDresses.com has a huge variety of colored bridesmaid dresses so you can find exactly what you want. One of this years top colors is the dark purple hue of grape. Grape bridesmaid dresses are a perfect choice for any wedding. Grape is a versatile color, working for spring, winter, fall, or summer and still looking amazing. Plus, grape bridesmaid dresses can be flattering for nearly anyone who wears them with their darker hue.

WishesDresses.com offers a variety of colors, including a beautiful selection of grape bridesmaid dresses and many other colors at low, affordable, and pleasing prices. If you want to find the perfect selection of bridesmaid dresses in any color and at low, manageable prices, look to WishesDresses.com.

08 May '15

Bridesmaid and the Beach

Bridesmaid dress color trends have been all over the map, but when it comes to your special day, no matter where the nuptials are taking place, you may want to consider beachy colors for the ladies in your wedding party.

Coral is fresh and fabulous, a more temperate color than traditional red, and more universally flattering. It's a particularly great shade for a spring or summer ceremony, and yes, would synthesize perfectly with one on the beach. However, it also functions as a pleasant color indoors, that will harmonize with any kind of greenery you may be using in your decorations. With the ability to have practically all skin tones glowing, coral adds a warmth that is perfect for your heartfelt day.

Polar opposites on a color wheel, coral and turquoise are considered complementary colors. Using the two together in your wedding is actually a viable option when committing to a seaside-inspired theme.

Looking at turquoise independently, however, we find a hue at once bright and tranquil. It makes quite an impression on its own, in a high-shine material that ripples and shimmers in multiple facets like the ocean, or in a matte fabric that emphasizes the understated elegance of the color.

Bridesmaid dresses can often become that one aspect of a wedding that gets your gal pals talking for all the wrong reasons. Although avoiding this has much to do with choosing the right style and fabric, incorporating color with care is as crucial here as it is for every other part of your ceremony and reception. Coral or turquoise, with their spectrum of flattering shades and agreeable vibe might prove to be the right choice for the big day- whether on the beach or in a ballroom.

07 May '15

Basking in Red

Dresses have a way of bringing formality to events. In the case of the classic red evening dress, this article of clothing has a way of catching the eye and securing attentions of everyone who sees it. Red is an eye-popping color. It lures the gaze and captures with its intensity. Adding it to a long gown ensures that the wearer has acquired fame for a night.

Bearing the red dress for an evening was a popular trend in the 70's. Termed "power clothing", these gowns were frequently worn by working women who were eager for the respect and acceptance from their male counterparts. They made statements as to the fearlessness of women and showed just how clothing could be used to reflect the personality and characteristics of a person.

Not only is red such a mesmerizing color but there are so many shades that it can be teased into. Perhaps a lush, wine red is suited for an opera or dinner party while a vibrant, cherry red can be used to garner attention while out for the night with friends. The color is a classic for a reason, whether it is used for snatching the wandering eye or for sensuality and empowerment. Neither time nor style is likely to affect its use as well as its declarative power.

05 May '15

How to Find the Perfect Formal Dress

When going to a formal event, it is important that you look your best. For women and young girls, that means putting on a popular dress that helps you stand out. Use these tips to help you find a popular formal dress that is not only fashionable but makes you look great.

Go for a Timeless Look

While you may be tempted to invest in a flashy or trendy dress for formal, you should consider reusability. Some fashion trends aren’t flattering to begin with and they go out of style in a few weeks. You don’t want to be looking at your old photographs and thinking to yourself “did I really think that looked good?”
Instead, you should find a formal dress that has a timeless look and add popular accessories to it. This will allow you to reuse the dress in the future even if fashion trends change.

Find a Popular Formal Dress Online

Use the Internet to help you get an idea of what’s popular. You will see plenty of strange fashion trends online, but you will also see how others found ways to make the style look good. Browse image sharing sites and online stores to get a great idea of what’s hot and what’s not.

Be Comfortable

While looking popular is important, you should focus on comfort when choosing a formal dress. Would you be comfortable in a glittery dress or would you rather find a little black dress that you can dance all night in? Choose accessories and high heels that compliment your formal dress and make you feel great.

05 May '15

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

It's your wedding day. You have chosen the perfect dress and the perfect shoes. The unbearable "Tiara vs. No Tiara" dilemma has been solved. The stress of planning your wedding has receded for a moment. You can breathe deep, relax, and enjoy directing the focus to your bridesmaids. It is time to have fun with the girls! Instead of sifting through the endless racks of boring, tacky, and dare we say "taffeta" bridesmaid dresses; why not consider putting your BFF's in a custom-made lace bridesmaid dress? Send your bridesmaids down the aisle in style. They deserve it!
The design and look of lace practically define the feel of a wedding. Let’s be honest, bridesmaids dresses are known to be unflattering and bland. A classy and elegant bridesmaid dress will give your guests a glimpse at what to expect when the blushing bride makes her entrance. Your bridal party is an extra special group of friends and family that deserve nothing less than a crowd dazzling dress. Share the glamor of getting married by opting for the high-end timeless style of a lace bridesmaid dress.
Now that we have covered the fabric, it's time to discuss the fit. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding one style of dress to compliment all 5 of your bridesmaids. It is a repetitive scenario. Your best friend finds the "perfect" dress for her hourglass figure. Unfortunately, that same dress makes your soon-to-be sister inlaw look like she is either hiding a bowling ball or wearing a circus tent. Sure, alterations are an option, but why not step it up a little? Why not combine the unwavering style of lace with a flawless fit by having your lace bridesmaid dresses custom made?
Your wedding day will be embedded in your memory for a lifetime. Lace bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to make your perfect day perfect for everyone.